We appreciate your interest in learning more about Oil Energy Recovery, Inc. (OER). We have been collecting and recycling used oil throughout New England since 1992.

As our name suggests, recycling for energy recovery has been the cornerstone of our business. Though marketing specification used oil fuels will continue to be a part of our business, we are excited to now be affiliated with Green View Technologies, Inc. (GVT). GVT is the first used oil
processing facility in the Northeast. This alliance will reduce the volume of used lubricating oil that is burned as a fuel. After the impurities are removed, the oils will eventually be reintroduced to the lubricants marketplace. By repeating this cycle again and again, re-refining used lubricating oils preserves a valuable resource!

Welcome to Oil Energy Recovery, Inc.
"Recycling Since 1992"

Used oil collection trucks at our oil storage facilty
Asphalt plant burner fired by Specification Used Oil Fuel
5,500 gallon capacity, 2 compartment vacuum trailer at shipyard
GVT Facility
Now affiliated with the Northeast's first used oil
processing facility!